Live Streaming

Kayah Production have successfully streamed many Covid impacted wedding in London and across the UK, each one having their own restrictions and unique solution. We are here to help you find something that will work for you. We currently have 4 broadcasting cameras designed especially for broadcasting and streaming live wedding on Youtube, Facebook or Zoom.

Our broadcasts are in Full HD 1080p, which is the recommended quality for YouTube, Facebook and Zoom, zero lagging and crystal clear picture is what we are able to provide.

Streaming your wedding or event live with Kayah Productions will give your Friends and Family that chance to sit at the forefront on your special day from the comfort of their own home.

Crystal clear sound directly from your DJ or just the ambient sound of your family talking along with the priest reciting your valves and conducting the ceremony.

Contact us today to get a friendly quote, we can explain to your in further detail if you are un sure how this all works.

Wedding Live Stream