At Kayah Photography we believe that the most important part of photography is to make you feel special when you look through your wedding photographs. The initial ‘wow’ factor is something we work really hard on developing for every client. Sometimes though, some of the best images are growers the images that come to mean more and more to you in years to come, and we have these shots in mind too when we’re shooting. We have huge enthusiasm for wedding photography, and you’ll always find us with a smile on our faces when we are working.

We are professionals in photography we always had a strong desire to document real life through photography. The ability to provide people with a collection of amazing memories, is a great gift and at Kayah Photography we love being able to hand over a completed collection of images that encompass a truly amazing time in your life.

We will offer you with an extensive range of high quality pictures. We’ll work with you to make the program of both photography & video for your special day to be remembered for a lifetime.